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Minotaur3 by Rasmirin

I've always loved the various designs for monster girls, as well as the amazing artwork submitted to the Monster Girl Encyclopedia, an online comic and web cartoon. Being a Taurus, I had always wanted to do some sort of costume that tied in with my zodiac sign, and when I saw the art for the Minotaurus, I knew I had to cosplay her! Yes, I know it's ecchi...but cute monster girls, squee! That's my story and I'm sticking to it. =P I was also joined by two lovely friends who also loved the designs, and we had our own little monster girls group.

I took some artistic liberties with the design, obviously, to make it more convention friendly, lol. I also added more details in the way of jewels and studs on all her belts, and chose to keep long hair for my design, as I look awful with short hair. The hoof feet I made can't really be seen much, but they make me super tall...I'm already tall to begin with and I'm over six feet in this costume! And the axe is almost as tall as me and breaks down into three pieces for easy transport.

I've posted my costume plans for the upcoming year and all the conventions I'll be attending! You can see them all here:


Cosplay Kitten
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Hi there! I'm Heidi, and I play dress up for fun! XD

I've been designing and sewing clothing and costumes ever since my grandmother bought me a giant green metal beast of a sewing machine from a garage sale when I was just thirteen, and I still haven't lost the passion for it! I am completely self-taught when it comes to sewing and patternmaking, and if there's one piece of advice I can give, it's that practice really does make perfect.

Anyways, yes...I dress up as imaginary people for fun. =P Cosplay, or costume play, involves dressing up as characters from different movies and anime, comics and manga, or video games. It's my favorite hobby, simply because I love the challenge of bringing my favorite characters to life. I have a blast working on the detail involved in a costume, from putting it together to finding just the right wig and make-up to learning how to make armor and accessories (chicks with power tools! Whoo!). Then there's the reward of seeing all that time and hard work magically come together. Those are half the fun...prancing around in my creations is the other half! I never quite outgrew my love for playing dress up. ^_^

Besides cosplaying and sewing, I have a lot of other hobbies I enjoy as well. Traveling and exploring is my second passion – more often than not I'm probably outside somewhere in a nice foresty place, hiking...I love being outside in fresh air and sunshine. I also enjoy reading and dancing, and going out to eat with friends.

All in all, I'm a very busy girl, but I'm also very happy with where I am in life. I've got a degree in Graphic Design, and love that I get to earn my living as both a costume designer and an artist. I also love people and am very approachable and friendly, so if you ever bump into me at a convention, be sure to stop and say hello!

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